The Ultimate Police Station Finder

FuzzBuzzz... the new GPS NON EMERGENCY Police Locator App. Sometimes you need to phone Law Enforcement, but you know it's not an emergency! FUZZBUZZZ is the perfect app that connects you to the NEAREST POLICE STATION, wherever, whenever, FAST, with minimal handset use anywhere in the United States!! It also displays your exact location so you can give the Police an address or GPS coordinates. Download it and keep it on your homepage... because you never know when you'll need to Buzz the Fuzz!

📞 Buzzz the Fuzz in 3 Clicks!

Selecting a Star reveals that Police Stations information which includes a Call button. Confirm that you would like to make the call and you are immediately connected. In short – ¬†after launching FuzzBuzzz you’re connected to the nearest Police Station in 3 clicks.


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